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Room for women

4 double deck beds

8 comfortable beds:
equipped with:
curtain, lamp socket, shelf

Room facilities:
a computer with Internet
access, free Wi-Fi, table,
mirror, air conditioning,

PRICE: 480 RUR Booking

Female room for 8 people

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There is a comfortable female room for 8 people in InDaHouse Hostel. There are 4 bulk beds in the male room. Every sleeping space is separated by the curtain, there is shelve, a receptacle and the lamp of an interior lighting. There are also a shelf, table, mirror and other things which you way need.

Do you want to book a comfortable female room in Krasnoyarsk?

You will get it in the InDaHouse Hostel! Every guest in our hostel is provided with free bedding set, towel and slippers. There is an air conditioner in the room, that is why it is not hot in the hostel in summer and in winter it is warm and cosy. You can cook a dinner or heat the dinner in the kitchen which is equipped with all necessary home appliances. You can always find tea, sugar, coffee, spices in the kitchen and they are absolutely free for our guests. There are other necessary things that you may need then you are far away from the home: blow dryer, washing machine, ironing board and iron – free use at any time you need! InDaHouse hostel in Krasnoyarsk is a perfect alternative to hotels. High level of accommodation of our guests doesn’t reflect on the price. You can easily get the bed in the female room for the price starting from 420 rubles per night.