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ACCOMMODATION RULES IN INDAHOUSE HOSTELChecking-in rulesComplementary and paid service in the HostelRules of the behavior in the kitchen of InDaHouse hostelFire safety regulations

Complementary and paid service in the Hostel

Complementary service in the Hostel:

  1. Language and information support.

  2. Internet access ( broadband Wi-Fi over the entire territory of the Hostel)

  3. Seating area with TV and Sony PlayStation 4 (with games)

  4. Kitchen with a fridge, microwave oven, oven and dishes.

  5. Tea, coffee, sugar, salt and pepper.

  6. Lockers

  7. Bed-clothes, towels (2 pcs.), one-use slippers

  8. Board games

  9. Library (books, magazines, newspapers)

  10. Toilet, shower unit, hair dryer

  11. Air-conditioner in rooms

  12. Iron and ironing board

  13. Washing machine, clothes dryer

  14. Clear potable water

  15. Taxi call

  16. Special service call

  17. Wake-up service

Paid service:

  1. Accommodation:

480 rubles for the bed in male room per 24 hours;

480 rubles for the bed in female room per 24 hours;

420 rubles for the bed in dormitory room per 24 hours;

  1. Tourist visa invitation to Russia and the registration of foreign citizens. To get more information – please, ask the receptionist.

  2. If you want to do a washing-up of your clothes not in our hostel but in a laundry – 150 rubles.

  3. Additional change of bed clothes – 100 rubles.

  4. Additional change of a towel -100 rubles.

  5. Additional room cleaning – 150 rubles.

  6. Vending machines

  7. Transfer service (from an airport, railway station). Price depends on Carrier Company. To get more information you should ask the receptionist.

  8. Ear-muffs, shower sets (if available). For price details you should ask the receptionist.

  9. Luggage storage – 350 rub./24 hours. But no longer than 30 days.

  10. Luggage storage (more than 1 luggage for a person) before check-in – 30 rub/hour.

Checking-in rules

2. Checking-in rules

2.1 Usual time of check-in is at 1 p.m. Check-out is at 12 a.m. If you need early check-in or late check-out you should give this information while booking or tell the receptionist. You should pay 50% from the cost of the room night if there is a late check-out and early check-in. You should pay 50% from the cost of the room night if you check-out till 11 p.m. In case of a cancellation of a booking in less than 24 hours before the date of arrival there will be 100% fine.

2.2 When early check-in Guest can leave his luggage and valuable belongings for storage at the reception but only one luggage for one person. If you leave other bags you should pay 30 rubles/hour.

2.3 When checking-in Guest must show a passport of Russian Federation citizen (international passport) or other replacing document (driver’s license, military card or birth certificate for kids under 14) to the receptionist of InDaHouse Hostel

2.4 Foreign citizens must have passport with them (international passport), admission form and a tourist visa invitation.

2.5 According to the law all the foreign citizens arrived in Russian Federation on more than 72 hours must be registered at the place of the stay. A foreign citizen must inform the receptionist about his arrival and about a need to be registered at the place of the stay beforehand.

2.6 A registration of citizens at the place of stay is a paid service. You need to clarify an accurate price of check-in by asking the receptionist.

2.7 You can get full information about the process of the registration of foreign citizens by visiting the official site of Federal Migration Service of Russian Federation:

2.8 Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parents, guardians or other lawful representatives. If guests are not accompanied by someone while checking-in they must have a notarized letter of authority from their parents, guardians or lawful representatives.

2.9 All guests must fill in the registration card (residential lease agreement). All the fields in the registration card must be filled by guest. Hostel reserves a right to check the veracity of the information.

2.10 By signing the registration card Guest accepts all the rules of booking, accommodation payment, check-in and registration of guests and also accommodation rules and regulations of fire safety.


2.11 After checking-out Guest cannot use complementary service (shower, bed and other complementary service).

2.12 When checking-out from the Hostel a Guest has a right to leave his luggage at the reception but no longer till 11 p.m. of a current day of check-out day. For longer storage of your luggage there is a payment – 350 rubles per 24 hours.

2.13 In case of we find forgotten belongings Hostel’s administration takes measures to find an owner and to return his belongings. If we do not find an owner we will store forgotten belongings for 30 days. All expenditures for sending forgotten belongings to an owner are his responsibility. This service is not included into the list of required service of the hostel.

In case it is impossible to settle out of court all disputes and disagreements between guests and the administration of the hostel disputes and disagreements will be solved in accordance with the law of Russian Federation.

When checking-in a guest accepts the rules which are obligatory to obey in InDaHouse hostel. We wish you a pleasant stay in our Hostel!


Safety and comfort are the most important things in our Hostel. That is why we created simple rules which you must follow:


  1. Rules of the Hostel


1.1 InDaHouse Hostel works 24 hours a day without weekends and holidays. Access is provided via entry phone and camera.

1.2 If your friends want to visit you they can do it from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. Only One visitor allowed per one guest of InDaHouse Hostel.

1.3 Every guest gets a key from the locker which is used to keep your belongings. A number of the locker coincides with the number of the bed. It is forbidden to take away the key, to take it outside the hostel and give it to other people. Give the key to the receptionist before leaving the hostel.

1.4 Keys from lockers are given upon the security of 200 rubles and this money will be given back when checking-out. In case of losing the key 200 rubles will not be given back.

1.5 We value comfort of our Guests that is why from 10 p.m. till 9 a.m. in accordance with the law of Krasnoyarsk Krai “On administrative violation” d.d. 02.10.2008. No. 7-2161 it is forbidden to make noise and disturb other guests in InDaHouse Hostel.

1.6 Bed clothing and a towel are included into the price. When checking-in every guest gets 2 (two) clean towels and bed clothing. When checking-out towels and bed clothing shall be given to the receptionist or left on the bed.

1.7 Bed clothing is changed every 8 days. If there is a need to change it sooner – it charges alone.

1.8 While checking-in of 6 and more people you need to pay 3000 rubles (this will guarantee a safety of hostel’s property). While checking-out money will be given back.

1.9 Hostel does not take responsibility for any belongings left behind.

1.10 Property of the Hostel has its price. We will demand a proper compensation in case of damages.

1.11 Hostel does not take responsibility for integrity and safety of your belongings and documents left in the locker or in the safe.

1.12 It is forbidden to stay in the hostel under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. It is also forbidden to drink any alcohol and use drugs.

1.13 It is forbidden to smoke in InDaHouse Hostel.

1.14 It is forbidden to walk in the hostel in outdoor footwear or naked (absolutely naked, in underwear or topless).

1.15 If you have a heavy luggage you should tell the receptionist about it before checking-in. It is also forbidden to keep heavy, explosive, highly inflammable substances and perishable products in your room.

1.16 It is forbidden to enter the hostel or walk in dirty clothes.

1.17 It is not allowed to keep animals in rooms but sometimes we can make an exception for you.

1.18 Wet cleaning is once a day. If you want additional cleaning of the room it charges alone.

1.19 It is forbidden to use things of other people as well as to sit, lie, put your bags and other things on belongings of other people. It is also forbidden to put your belongings on beds prepared for accommodation of guests. For using other guests’ beds you will pay 350 rubles for one used bed.

1.20 It is allowed to play any musical instruments only in agreement with the receptionist and strictly from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. except Saturday and Sunday.

1.21 It is allowed to use washing machine only from 9 a.m. till 10 p.m.

1.22 We have a rule up here to turn off a basic lighting in bedrooms at 11 p.m.

1.23. In case of violation of rules in InDaHouse hostel in Krasnoyarsk we reserve the right to refuse accommodation or service and to charge a guest for one night.

1.24 Every guest must give his passport to the receptionist while checking-in and fill in the registration card.

1.25 For safety considerations and in order to improve a quality of service there is a day and night surveillance on hostel grounds.

1.26 Administration of the Hostel has a right to call the police or security squad if: a) Guest violates rules of the hostel. b) Guest refuses to leave hostel after a check-out day. c) If there is an instant danger to life of other guests or the receptionist. d) If there is an instant danger to integrity of the property of the Hostel.

1.27 Hostel does not take responsibility for the work of urban service and pipelines.

Fire safety regulations

In the territory of the Hostel it IS FORBIDDEN:

  1. To smoke in all rooms (in accordance with the law of Russian Federation under “prohibition of smoking in the public area” d.d. 01.06.2014) and to use naked fire.

  2. To carry, keep or use highly-inflammable liquids, gunpowder, explosive concentrate, pyrotechnic products, bulbs with hot gases, goods with aerosol package, celluloid and other flammable substances and materials.

  3. To clean clothes with the use of fuel, kerosene and other highly-inflammable liquids.

  4. To wrap electric lamps with a paper, fabric and other burning materials.

  5. To leave electrical appliances (charging devices, laptops) hooked up when you leave a room.

  6. To use electrical heaters (tea-kettles, boilers, irons and other electrical appliances).

  7. To dry clothes on electrical appliances.


While checking-in in the Hostel:

  1. Look into an evacuation plan at the reception desk where there is a fire-escape route.

  2. Leave the key from your room (locker) in the place where you can find it without any difficulties.

  3. When you are going to bed leave your key from the room (locker) on your personal bed cabinet near the bed in order to find it even in the darkness if there is a need.

If the fire alarm goes off in the Hostel or you hear a “fire” signal:

  1. Before opening the door you should be sure that there is no fire outside the door: put your hand on the door and touch the metal lock or the door-handle. Do not open the door if it is hot.

If a smoke and flame allow you to leave a building, you:

If smoke and flame do not allow to leave the building You:


Concerning the fact that our Hostel is on the first floor and the easiest way of evacuation is to leave through any window in case it is impossible to leave the building through front door.

Rules of the behavior in the kitchen of InDaHouse hostel

Dear guests!


Please read carefully the rules of the behavior in the kitchen of InDaHouse hostel.



Use of the fridge:


Administration reserves the right to throw away any products that are past their sell-by date, products with unpleasant smell and products left by guest after his check-out.

Use of the kitchen sink:


Use of the rubbish bin:


Use of the microwave oven:


Use of the oven:

You should follow the rules listed-above as it is considered to be a demonstration of the respect for all guests of InDaHouse hostel.