2. Checking-in rules

2.1 Usual time of check-in is at 1 p.m. Check-out is at 12 a.m. If you need early check-in or late check-out you should give this information while booking or tell the receptionist. You should pay 50% from the cost of the room night if there is a late check-out and early check-in. You should pay 50% from the cost of the room night if you check-out till 11 p.m. In case of a cancellation of a booking in less than 24 hours before the date of arrival there will be 100% fine.

2.2 When early check-in Guest can leave his luggage and valuable belongings for storage at the reception but only one luggage for one person. If you leave other bags you should pay 30 rubles/hour.

2.3 When checking-in Guest must show a passport of Russian Federation citizen (international passport) or other replacing document (driver’s license, military card or birth certificate for kids under 14) to the receptionist of InDaHouse Hostel

2.4 Foreign citizens must have passport with them (international passport), admission form and a tourist visa invitation.

2.5 According to the law all the foreign citizens arrived in Russian Federation on more than 72 hours must be registered at the place of the stay. A foreign citizen must inform the receptionist about his arrival and about a need to be registered at the place of the stay beforehand.

2.6 A registration of citizens at the place of stay is a paid service. You need to clarify an accurate price of check-in by asking the receptionist.

2.7 You can get full information about the process of the registration of foreign citizens by visiting the official site of Federal Migration Service of Russian Federation: http://www.fms.gov.ru/gosuslugi

2.8 Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parents, guardians or other lawful representatives. If guests are not accompanied by someone while checking-in they must have a notarized letter of authority from their parents, guardians or lawful representatives.

2.9 All guests must fill in the registration card (residential lease agreement). All the fields in the registration card must be filled by guest. Hostel reserves a right to check the veracity of the information.

2.10 By signing the registration card Guest accepts all the rules of booking, accommodation payment, check-in and registration of guests and also accommodation rules and regulations of fire safety.


2.11 After checking-out Guest cannot use complementary service (shower, bed and other complementary service).

2.12 When checking-out from the Hostel a Guest has a right to leave his luggage at the reception but no longer till 11 p.m. of a current day of check-out day. For longer storage of your luggage there is a payment – 350 rubles per 24 hours.

2.13 In case of we find forgotten belongings Hostel’s administration takes measures to find an owner and to return his belongings. If we do not find an owner we will store forgotten belongings for 30 days. All expenditures for sending forgotten belongings to an owner are his responsibility. This service is not included into the list of required service of the hostel.

In case it is impossible to settle out of court all disputes and disagreements between guests and the administration of the hostel disputes and disagreements will be solved in accordance with the law of Russian Federation.

When checking-in a guest accepts the rules which are obligatory to obey in InDaHouse hostel. We wish you a pleasant stay in our Hostel!