In the territory of the Hostel it IS FORBIDDEN:

  1. To smoke in all rooms (in accordance with the law of Russian Federation under “prohibition of smoking in the public area” d.d. 01.06.2014) and to use naked fire.

  2. To carry, keep or use highly-inflammable liquids, gunpowder, explosive concentrate, pyrotechnic products, bulbs with hot gases, goods with aerosol package, celluloid and other flammable substances and materials.

  3. To clean clothes with the use of fuel, kerosene and other highly-inflammable liquids.

  4. To wrap electric lamps with a paper, fabric and other burning materials.

  5. To leave electrical appliances (charging devices, laptops) hooked up when you leave a room.

  6. To use electrical heaters (tea-kettles, boilers, irons and other electrical appliances).

  7. To dry clothes on electrical appliances.


While checking-in in the Hostel:

  1. Look into an evacuation plan at the reception desk where there is a fire-escape route.

  2. Leave the key from your room (locker) in the place where you can find it without any difficulties.

  3. When you are going to bed leave your key from the room (locker) on your personal bed cabinet near the bed in order to find it even in the darkness if there is a need.

If the fire alarm goes off in the Hostel or you hear a “fire” signal:

  1. Before opening the door you should be sure that there is no fire outside the door: put your hand on the door and touch the metal lock or the door-handle. Do not open the door if it is hot.

If a smoke and flame allow you to leave a building, you:

If smoke and flame do not allow to leave the building You:


Concerning the fact that our Hostel is on the first floor and the easiest way of evacuation is to leave through any window in case it is impossible to leave the building through front door.